I know I talk about teachers and schools alot but in my defence people usually advice me to let go of the pain in my heart through speech. 99% of that pain rotates around the whooping I got in school and the people who administered it. So….. here we go. The types of teachers-

1. Dora the explorers

“What did you learn during the C.R.E class?”

“By the way what did you guys do on the weekend?”

No, no , no mwalimu just teach your subject. Dont worry about what mr so and so said, worry about your subject.

2. Comparing teachers

Some teachers are like african moms, always comparing us with other children(students).

“You know I’ve never had this problem with other classes”

“8 west is a better class than this.”

Ama its me huwa nawekwa classes za wanafunzi non-serious.

3. Accent teachers.

I love accents so this my personal favorite.(If I ever pursue a career in acting am definately doing a kikuyu accent). I love trying to comprehend what these teachers are talking about then write my own things.

“So the botassiom bicabornate..”

“Did you guys get your utuma number? (Huduma)

4. Whooping teachers.

Hmmn, some teachers I think just feel better when they whoop you. Its comes off as theraputic in this hard line of work.

“Where is my chalk? Sambody tell me where I put my chalk, okay you don’t know, let me go to the staffroom and get my cane maybe that will help you remember.”

Ewoooh! Jesus is Lord.

“Why do you students look sleepy?, let me get my cane and come send away the sleep. Its not you I will be caning its the sleep”

When I remember some of this things teachers told us before they whooped us, my knees weaken. I should be a motivational speaker and tell people that no situation is permanent.

5. XYZs . Funny teachers.

Some of this funny moments arise when a teacher gives real life examples that utterly describe you or your friends. You know them examples- mention them in the comments.

6. Mathematics teachers.

This is a category on its own. Heeey! I swear mathematics has its special place in hell. I mean why do this to us because we can’t understand you. Your so difficult ooh.

Funny thing is mathematics teachers were lovely and kind beings, the subject singly was the hard part.

7. Man of the people teachers.

Some teachers are like pudding, every one loves them. They are not the funniest , the most beautiful or the smartest but they zing with everyone.

Kind of teachers that you would buy a car for.

Kind of teachers even the students who have sworn to want to no affliation with the faculty seem to like.

The man of the people teachers.

8. Teachers who ended up in the wrong careers.

Now this happens in every proffession, someone ending up in a work field they did not want to be in . Sometimes due to circumstances.

Some of this teachers accept the role and do what they have to do to bring out the best out of their students. Big up to this teachers.

I haven’t mentioned all of the teachers because you know, tommorow is another day and I will be required to blog about something. That will be the ‘something’.


  1. Don’t worry , am a first reader…I love the accent teachers…..they made my days in school… I have something against the whooping teachers….nice piece

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