Types of students

photo credit: pinc_camera

In C.R.E classes we were taught that there are four stages of our life time; birth, initiation, marriage, and death. And I really think schooling should earn a permanent slot on that list, no reason needed, just because….

The best part about school is meeting people from different classes, races, tribes, speaking different languages and you sit there and observe them.

Here’s my classification on the types of students;


This is my personal favorite. These students never know what time it is, what country we are in, when and when the lectures are taking place, but somehow they manage.

They have the super power of being completely unaware.

Look at this conversation.

Class rep: “Adam, hello sasa, mwalimu wa Economics ameniambia nicontact kila mtu mwenye hakufanya CAT , akasema mumuone friday.”

Adam: When was the CAT kweni?

Class rep: last week Monday.

Adam: Kweni kumekuwa na classes on Monday.

Class rep: Yeah, unit ya Economics

Adam: Kwanini tunafanya Economics na sisi hatusomei story za business.

One prayer: Lord have mercy.


They grunt, they holler, they always talking about something unrelated to what the teacher is saying.

Back bench is the place to be if you have no mood for the class but you also wanna attend the class- you get what am saying right?

Mid between the lessons, the lecturer must stop and say: can we have some silence from the back.

You request the back-benchers for their silence, you don’t order them. Even mwalimu knows.


Gone are the days when photo taking was reserved for specific events. Now everything must be photographed even in class especially the new ball point, or the new page you are about to write on, even the bubble gum you are about to chew in class.

They also happen to ever be online on whats-app and this is beneficial in case you need direction to class.


They perform magic, one minute you see them one minute you don’t, abracadabra. This week you see them next three weeks you don’t.

If school doesn’t work out they could try some Harry Houdini tricks and make careers out of performing magic acts.


For anyone who will one day grace the halls of campus, I wish this students unto you. They readily do all the assignments, readily help you out when stuck , and they will help you come up with ideas for the projects. There is a special place in heaven for them.

As a matter of fact, you should include them in your graduation appreciation list.

p.s: these kinda students don’t like it when you take advantage of them.


Some students are never late to class, always in good terms with the faculty, never miss their classes, do their research assignment in the library not on google (I Low-key, I admire them).

The kinda students you look at and are wowed. The kinda students you would trust with your life. You would vote for them if they ever try their chances in politics.

Oh how I admire them.