Neighbours. A five year old would say its somebody who is near your house. Not far from the point, they are the people live close by you. They are the people who know the riff raffs of your house. Also in the some regions, they are the people who know who took you 24inch television set while you were in shags.

Its through neighbours that you get to know the constitution of tenantship and its supremacy. You will hear them whisper to a new tenant-

“They(land lords) say that you should pay rent by date 2 but even huko 20th its just fine.Nothing will happen to you.”

Neighbours show you whose ass you should be kissing if anything goes wrong.”Oh this and this happened, buy John a beer and he will put in a good word with the management.”

Neighbours are also the people who will eat your food and will not wash the dishes (classy). They will enter your four cornered room, find the butter and smear it on their bread.

Some neighbours in some regions have gone to the extent of taking care of our relationship partners.

Now, normally am a big fan of looking the other way but this we cant let pass. It is odd when you visit your neighbour and your partner goes about moving the table here, the chair there, fixing tea and stuff… like hold up, when did y’all get this comfortable?

Door 13 knew you neighbour was sweeping you under the carpet but did not say nothing. The watchman too knew it. Ewoooh even the cats in the neighbour hood new but you did not. Thats neighbourhood life for you.

Neighbours please have our backs.

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