Machos tu!


Who came up with machos tu and do I have to pay them royalties for using it? If they decide to sue me for everything I have (500 bob mbele na nyuma) I’ll just cry. I can’t afford a lawsuit… machos tu!

Dead dreams. I remember there was a time I wanted to be Kenya’a very own beyonce. Winding my body to rhythm of my international music. Dating my own Jay-z and becoming a power couple. Answering questions to the press of what inspired my song that is currently a hit in all the continents.

“So Terry, tell us about your album.” A reporter catches us with me.

“No comment,” I respond.

My agent probably coached me to say that or I just said it because great artists have said it.

“Terry is it true that you and your partner are splitting?” The reporter is aggresive.

I turn around very frustrated and tell her she should focus on my music and not my dating life. Funny thing is, she just asked about my music and I said no comment.

I pictured the whole thing; recieving my 20 awards and becoming a mentor to this young artists. I would tell them,

“Nothing was handled to me. I worked my ass off for what I have. Young people don’t want to put in the work but want to be overnight sensations. The world doesn’t work like that… I come here to you with my favourite quote from Beyonce-”

Before I’m done with it, the crowd cheers and applauds because everything I do is international. When I remember that now am reduced to begging people to read my blogs and occassionally threatning to put a curse on their villages…machos tu. Tears.

Lets go back to day dreaming-

“The winner of the best female artist of the year goes to Terry Hinga.”

More clapping. I head to the stage to pick my award but most importantly give my acceptance speech,”My fans I couldn’t do this without you. My producer, my director and also me. I wanna thank me for my creative songs, for being there when no-one else was, for reaching the heights of success in a male dominated field. I am amazing.” More clapping.

Reality now-

“Es-cuse me Terry, but mimi am not into reading thats why I dont read your blogs. So quit fowarding them to my inbox.” 😢😢😢…machos tu.

“By the way Terry, have you ever considered another career. You know genuinely writing inaisha fashion.” 😓😓😓 machos tu.

“Terry, I saw you fowarded your blog post. Sisomi, come and beat me.” 😂😂😂… machos tu.

“Terry, I have bought the 2GB telkom bundle but still I will not read your blog. I won’t . I’ll use those bundles to tag you in my photo on ig but you will comment on it.” 😂😂😂. The confidence.

So before the day is over I check my views and… machos tu 😢😢😢.


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