Telenovelas and movies introduced Africans to world never seen. A world where love is expressed freely and cheesy things are said. Terms of endearment include; I love you, dear, sweetheart, soulmate. These were but strange terms in pre colonial africa .

We however are not to be accused of not trying to learn. Anyone who suggests that we are not trying is just a hayra (hater).

I mean c’mon look at the occassions we have been shown love or we ourselves showed love. I’m teary just thinking about it.

Let me translate some of this instances love was shown to you but might have missed it.

Example one , when your late for class, a classmate would say-

“Unakuja ama nipeane kiti yako, haiyaa”


It translates to; Honey come to class will you, I want you to be educated.

They care that you will be educated.


When you borrow some money, the debtor will assume everything you have is thanks to them. You hear them say-

“Kaa sio mimi, yule ata hangekuwa na uhai.”


Remember that God breathed life into man and decides when He takes it.

When you clean up , wash your face and look good. A compliment looks like this –

“Ata hujikai”


This means that the water you use can remould your clay and you will look like a different pot. A beautiful pot.

If your parent ever tells you-

“Leo tupike nini?” After a thorough beating its an apology and love served in one dish.

If you look at your mpesa WSTCDGHFGH 0.00 balance , don’t be mad, the tears in your eyes. I know don’t tell me -it’s tears of joy. Your 0.00 balance loves you and doesnt want to share you with money. Its faithful. I hear wedding bells.

Let me get some tissues because I can’t continue. I can’t. All this love.


6 thoughts on “LOVENSLATOR”

  1. my mpesa balance is 0.00. wah!I thought love and I can’t belong in one sentence….my head sometimes hurt as if an elephant sat on my head. Is that love served for me?

  2. If you’re neat your friends will be like, ‘pesa imeanza kuingia’. Come on, just a simple You Look Sharp/ Good. These loving beings though. Anyway that’s our culture

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