I don’t who needs to hear this but… stop neglecting your dustbin.

By the way why is a dustbin called a dustbin whereas it holds more dirt than dust?

Let’s re-assess your habit resume; spreading the bed-check, brushing your teeth-check, cleaning the house- check, cook food and cleaning dishes- check. Emptying your dustbin after overloading it with cartons, stale fruit, empty bottles, last snippets of soap, broken glass- no check.

We promise our dustbins the world and never fulfill our promises. We say to it,”Soon as am back from church,I’ll empty you.”

The dustbin awaits your return. It is hopeful that the word of God will seep right through you and finally you will act accordingly. You come back four hours later with a shopping bag in your hands, a thorough assessment of the contents inside reveal a bunch of bananas, 3 mangoes, 2 apples, kale which you place on the kitchen counter. You peel off the fruits and slice them to make fruit pudding. The peelings end up in the dustbin, which is looking at you with puppy eyes only for you to end up saying ,”lemme first eat the pudding then I’ll empty the bin later.”

The dustbin looks at you and how you have changed in unsettling ways. When you first met, it was love at first sight, like something out of a romantic movie, you said, “Aki, nimefall in love with this dustbin . It’s so cute, am buying it. And I will always take care of it.”. Now, it can’t even recognize the person you’ve become.

Then Monday morning comes, you are blasting this song through your speakers; Oh you don’t have to worry and you don’t have to be afraid, joy comes in the morning, trouble don’t last always. There you go again giving mixed signals to the bin. It watches you clean up, dress up and repeat your mantra, “Oh nikirudi nitacome ku-empty.”

Karma is coming for you. This is what is going to happen during your day; people not replying to your texts after they promised they will, people forgetting to call you back, people forgetting to give back the jacket they borrowed and you are going to sit and wonder, “Why do people keep forgetting about me and my stuff.” Aha!That’s karma right there.

You need to hear this, your house hold items got feelings too and you hurt them every time you don’t commit to your responsibility. Especially that heap of dirty clothes you promised to wash. Matter of fact, the clothes in your briefcase you promised to fold and arrange neatly (rich people with them closets can’t relate).

This is a bit personal, but you have to read on the blogs and watch you tube channels of your friends, like you promised.

And while we are at it before the day is over, EMPTY THAT BIN BROTHER/SISTER.