Data bundle below 2mbs.

Hi guys welcome to my blog channel. So alot of you have been asking about how to write the conjuction ‘and’. I know, I know, its difficult. Most of us can write exfoliating, derriere, duodenum, racial decidendi but ‘and’ is a complex term, worry no more I’ll help you with it. What you do is; one, don’t listen to a kikuyu they will say ‘ad’ ;two, just read my blogs. I know very few conjuctions thereby using ‘and’ alot. If read all of my blogs you will practice the use and pronunciation of ‘and’.

I have exploited ‘and’ to the point that if it were a mineral , it would now be an extinct ore. By the way-


Absolutely no-one:

Not even the chirping birds:

Terry: Read my blog or I will put a curse on you.

Also,I have found a new excuse in life. I am going to use for all its worth after all, you can’t tell what not to type. The excuse is, my data bundle is below 2mbs. .

“Terry , mbona hukam kunisalimia?”

“Oops sorry, walking data bundle iko below 2mbs. Thats why.”

I will rince life out of that excuse and make it a daily routine.

“Haiya we mbona umechelewa kufika?”

“Mmh sikuwa nmerecharge time keeping bundle.”

Its a genius excuse I think, as a matter of fact I should take it to shark tank.

Person: I sent you a message, why did not read and reply to it?

Brain cell 1: Don’t do it T.

Brain cell 2: we have had a meeting about this. Don’t do it.

Mouth: my eyesight data bundle was below 2mbs.

Boom! Picture burnt.

Anyhu here we go; and, and, and, and, and, and, ad, and. There you have, your first English class on my blog channel.

I was gonna write a long blog but my bundles zinachezea 2mbs.

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