Because you loved him…

You give him your virginity,right? The mighty purity expected of women who are not yet married. Cautionary tales have been fed to your ears since childhood but you want to take it away because you love him so. Its not like he is going to run away, your friends with his friends, they approve of you and his cousins have heard of you. Besides, he said the magic words; I love you, there’s noone like you, I will marry you some day, I can’t live without you. You default from your principles.

The second month is here, your tummy feels funny. You think it but you dont want to speak it. You try to remember your last red cycle day, you think there is a good explanation for that. You dont want to upset bae with your suspicions- so you keep calm like a hindu cow. You dont want to be one of those crazy girlfriends who men are warned against or are vividly described in the comedy skits. Life goes on as normal; you drink your hot cocoa in the morning, wear your nude lipstick and go through your wardrobe for a fitting dress.

One day when he is a good mood you break the news. He is excited, or atleast that’s what he shows on his face. You think you have it all good. Two years later, problems rise like a fight to revolution. He says, you trapped him with the child, you bewitched him, he wasn’t ready but you did not listen. He’s not even sure that kid is his. Every minute of the relationship is a fight to death; a battlefield. You have scars like a woman who took a bomb to the body.

You decide to leave to spare your one life. Society does not see it that way, you are the woman who couldn’t keep a husband.

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17 thoughts on “Because you loved him…”

  1. Everyone should be very assertive and principled when in a relationship. It’s an oxymoron that the modern day relationships make most people to forget about themselves rather than discovering themselves. Watch Out! Be Principled. Build Yourself rather than having stupid erections leading to inconveniences

  2. Nobody is denying that a man can suffer in the hands of a woman. My point in this story today was beaming a light on a woman’s side(cases where women have suffered)… am not ignorant on a man’s problem.

  3. Your words relay the truth so well. A failed marriage or relationship is always blamed on the woman. Women carry so many scars that never become beauty marks. We hope eventually the world will see both sides of the story

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