A moment of prayer to anyone who blocked our contact or just anywhere.

Eyes dancing, our glasses filled with whatever we are drinking, we are wearing the party mood but most of all we are making friends. There’s a mindless chatter rising and you can almost hear the voice of beautiful girl on the other end of the dance floor tending to her phone. Her words are characterized by regret. She implores,

“Hello, ebu sema tena, sikuskii. Nasemaa, sikuskii. Hello,”

(Hello, I can’t hear. I cant hear you. Hello)

We don’t know who that is, could be her mom, her boyfriend, roommate, and really it’s none of our business. We shouldn’t be eavesdropping.

“Ahh, Stella, imagine ameniblock. Natry kumkol back na hachukui,” she tells her friend.

We seriously should not be eavesdropping.

I have been there, you’ve been there. Blocked-zone. It cuts like a two-edged knife but …. no matter.

How many days has it been huh, 708 days, 200 days, 3 hours? How does it feel? Does it bring you joy? Moments shared thrown to wind just like that… no matter.

So dear brothers and sisters we are gathered here to celebrate the blocking. A moment of prayer to anyone who downloaded the true caller app so that they could block us in the texts, calls and everywhere. Our thoughts and prayers goes to everyone who thought they could live without our sassy memes we post on our status walls.

Brethren, it was not a good idea. Let not haste emotions dictate our future endevours, call me and we will talk this through.

A moment of prayer to anyone who tripped over the dirty dishes, fell into the bucket of dirty water, got a crack on their screens, got hit on the shoulder by the neighbors window(Which is always open on a 45 degree angle), almost hit the five year old toddler who is always playing by the corridor, while in a rush. You were trying to get to the shop to purchase yourself some airtime, then buy a huge chunk of bundle which you will later use to block us on every social media platform. Seven extra minutes of prayer if you used a different account to stalk us.

A moment of silence to anyone who blocked us in real life. Won’t talk to us, won’t secretly pay for our lunch when they spot us in the restaurant( well okay you did not do it when we were friends either) know that we wish you the best even though whatever we had, this, this did not work out.

A moment of silence to anyone who hasn’t blocked us yet. The shitty things we post, the silly things we say, for all the times we used your name to get out of bad situations( hopefully you will never know of them.). Here’s one;

“Am really sorry to cut this awesome , totally not boring meeting short but I have to go home and feed my cat. She gets grumpy when not fed on a schedule.”

“I thought you lived alone.” a group member interrogates

“Well, I have to go buy a cat… then buy cat food.. then go feed it on a schedule.” You then pose mid-sentence and then scream,” and the cat’s name will be Wanjiru.” (Sorry Wanjiru)

Why you continue putting up with us is one of the world’s wonders.

A moment of silence for most of us because at one point driven by our emotions we pacely searched through a block button and hit it like life depended on it.

A moment of prayer for anyone who reads this too, comment and tell me what you think of it. Am out here trying to scribble cute and beautiful words for you only. Also you can follow me on my blog to receive posts instantaneously once they are published.

10 thoughts on “A moment of prayer to anyone who blocked our contact or just anywhere.”

  1. I have like 10 contacts that I’ve blocked, others I mute their statuses coz they are boring., I think we all have a right to choose who we interact with on social media…hope you not judging.

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