Is it a wonder that the modern love crumbles like bread after a few days?

Technology and education are two partners that have changed alot of fields immensely ;labour, minds and love is inescapable from the beaks of change. Throughout history change has been a good thing, there was a time one would have been hunged for what beliefs they shared , Catholic or protestant , now man is judged not but what they believe but what their action say. Change is a good thing whether gradual or fast, it remains a value that has engineered development socialy, environmentaly, politicaly and economicaly.

When it comes to love change has left the least to be desired. Narcissists who feel the need to take from givers because they deserve it. Two genders in opposition with each other , every of them feeling more important than the other by the second, which is rather ironic since we all exist thanks to both genders. Bottom line is, we are all important.

Not long ago, a soulmate used to be God, now a soulmate is a person with 0.00% failure rate in all the fields. Good with them kids, good with them neighbours, doesn’t get upset, always there on time , always there when you need them . Omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, attributes that largely describe the Almighty Father. A perfect person who fits in a folder and excels in every checklist, is it really a wonder that relationships fall under the immense pressure?

There is a swahili saying which reads , kila mwanamke ana dosari yake, which easily translates to every woman has a flaw. Men are flawed too. No-one is a software or an object that gets recalled from the market after a survey analysis to fix the failure rate . An instagram filter can filter away the scars of the heart . A like on social media don’t take away the poor communication you have with imediate people . But we can learn , the same way we exel in a foreign language taught to us in school, love and belonging needs to¬† be a subject incorporated in our every day lives.

Every area in our life requires we know how to engage and associate with people. A foreign language may open doors for international success but the language of love earns you a lifetime of rememberance wherever you go.

The current fate of modern love is not doomed, it just needs an upgrade . Like Albert Ainstein famously said, the problems we are currently facing will not be solved with the same thinking we used whilst creating them , we have to research new methods. It’s all each of us needs to do, engage a new type of thinking in the subject of love and belonging , if we are going to change what we know about the subject, we need to borrow from the eagle and make a mighty fleet after dropping the ideologies that way us down.